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Remote Monitoring - Plugged in and powered by LUISA

The LUISAĀ® home ventilator allows for the collection of individual patient clinical data while utilizing Movair's prisma CLOUD platform, a HIPAA-compliant, U.S.-based Microsoft Azure data center.

The prisma CLOUD automatically ensures access to all relevant therapy data at all times. It can help manage patientsā€™ treatment simply and securely.

prisma CLOUD now with modem capability

  • Remote reporting capabilities for DMEs and physicians
  • Modem easily attaches to the LUISA handle
  • Modem goes where LUISA goes
  • Plugged in and Powered by LUISA

The prisma CLOUD platform offers numerous clinical usage data and ability to customize reports for Durable Medical Equipment representatives and/or physicians to follow their patients.

  • Compliance Reporting for example device settings and usage
  • Detailed Reporting such as device settings, usage, therapy results and unintentional leakage datar therapy.

Remote monitoring has been shown likely to improve the quality of NIV therapy and the efficiency of remote medical service.Ā¹

The prisma CLOUD reports provide essential information to manage respiratory patients and ensure they are maximizing their therapy.

Ā¹Arnal JM, et al. Monitoring Systems in Home Ventilation. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2023; 12(6):2163.