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Providing Life Support

for 30 years

Movair has progressed life supporting therapies, for nearly 30 years, that redefine treatment strategies and improve patient quality of life. With a legacy defined by better breathing, Movair connects patients and clinicians to trusted, life-empowering respiratory technology. Through the implementation of simple but impactful improvements and the development of ground-breaking advancements, Movair is enabling continuous, effortless and inspired breath.

Movair’s newest respiratory technology offering is the LUISA ventilator. LUISA is a portable and compact ventilator now available in the U.S. and one of the first with the added benefit of high-flow oxygen therapy.


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Our Company

Based in Austin, Texas, Movair has a nearly three-decade pedigree of successful medical product and technology development and launches.


Our Values

Advancing life-empowering respiratory innovations that help people.